Welcome to Xosilk

Who we are?

Xosilk it's one of the leader in the distribution of the healthcare products and pharmaceutical products in the Egyptian Market.

We are in Xosilk , we have a talented and qualified team to support our experts and the top management , In order to seeks innovative solutions that meet the needs of customers and contribute to building strong relationships with suppliers.

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Our Vision.

To continue being a major force in the field of Sales & distribution of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products and to provide the Egyptian market with high quality services and unique products that can meet the customers and patients needs.

Our Strategy.

Create a perfect distribution network.

Gaining the biggest market share of the Egypt healthcare market.

Upgrade and improve the quality of Xosilk staff members .

Establish a successful partnership spirit with partners .

OUR Products

Aware Breast Self-Exam

Allow 7 days after the date of last intercourse

fortel pregnancy


Fortel Prostate (PSA)

EZ Detect

Coronavirus IgM/ IgG Rapid Test

Arthro intense plus

Arthro hyal

Kido Vito

Kido Immuno

Kido Calm

Kido Mega

Vitawin Chondrowin

Vitawin Lactawin

Vitawin Man

Vitawin Woman

Vitawin Cogniwin