Arthro hyal


Arthro hyal

High content: 44 mg Sodium Hyaluronate per Syringe

High concentration: 2.2 %

High molecular weight: 1.7 mIn. Daltons

Non-allergenic, fermented sourced Hyaluronic Acid

Improves the viscoelastic properties of synovial fluid

Impressive reduction of pain

For all synovial joints

Only 3 injections per cycle

Duration of effect: Up to 12 month

BRAND : ProNovis

1 ml of solution contains 22.0 mg sodium hyaluronate of fermented origin, a sterile isotonic, apyrogenic, weak phosphate buffer solution, ph 7.2 and water for injection purpose.

The product, sodium hyaluronate 2.2 %, is obtained by fermentation and used to improve the intra- articular viscosity and has been subjected to steam sterilization for products for injection purposes.

Pain and limited articular mobility in the presence of degenerative and traumatic changes in the knee joint and other synovial joints.

The product is designed for once weekly intra-articular injection for a total of 3 intra-articular injections. The beneficial effects of treatment with 3 intra-articular injections are sustained for at least 6 months; the treatment cycles can be repeated according to need. Keep out of reach of children.

Synovial fluid contains hyaluronic acid, a substance that ensures the fluids viscoelasticity and enables painless physiological movements owing to its lubricating and shock absorbing properties; moreover synovial fluid supplies nutrients to the cartilage. In the presence of degenerative disease the viscoelasticity of synovial fluid is significantly reduced, which limits articular mobility, causes pain and effects destruction of the cartilage. As early as after one treatment cycle of 3 intra-articular injections, the mobility of the joint is improved and the pain of the degenerative lesions is reduced.